Psilocybin Trip Log: March 3, 2013

by Nox

on 10.13.13

This is the log of a psilocybin mushroom trip from March 3, 2013. The brevity of this log is reflective of my prior experience with psychedelics. I actually worked on Lyricbeat the entire time, which was my intention, and I got a ton of really great work done.

Time Report
Ingest ~2g of B+ or Cambodian, not sure anymore. It's not much, but I'm a lightweight and not looking to trip too hard tonight. I have work to do.
my face is warm and my skin is tingling slightly. I'm happy and slowly getting dumber...a welcome reprieve.
legs like spaghetti
very dancey, but nothing new there.
Unix is in my blood
but I still spend most of my day typing commands that don't need to be typed. It would take 5 seconds to automate it.
some candy canes
a ghost peers out from the screen. The pixels dance, but the work must continue. My forehead.
sweaty palms
considering pooping myself. I can't remember the words to my music, but my mouth seems to know them. Stay cool.

I'm OK because you're with me, and I hope my work will validate me to you.

discouraged, but I'll always have N*Sync
all is grey and yellow plasma. Vertical sunflowers and arches.

// minimize your context. Think only in terms of it, and you will not fail. Canteloupe and orange rainbows.

smooth sailing. Apathetic with an upward bent. I ooze brilliance, and the letters melt.
everything seems to sway, but it always does, and then the sadness kicks in. Nothing is swaying and no one cares.
the greatness subsides
it leaves us with just as much as we had, and a bit more.