Lux Paints: Tali Clavijo From MasterChef Season 3

by Lux

on 07.05.12

Rather than spoon feed you a redundant definition of time-lapse/speed painting, I suggest that you go ahead and watch the video; it’s rather self-explanatory. The portrait, completed in about three hours, was created using both Corel Painter 12 and Photoshop CS5. This, of course, was not my original intention, as it was an abrupt and undesirable shift in workflow. An hour or so into the portrait, Painter, a characteristically unreliable and broken piece of shit, began to inexplicably corrupt the file, causing artifacts to appear on my painting layer. I quickly switched over to Photoshop in order to prevent any permanent defacement.

I generally prefer Corel Painter for digital coloring or painting; the way media interact with the canvas and with each other feels much more natural and realistic. However, it crashes frequently, corrupts large files more often than not, and certain features, such as the animation tool, have been unusably broken for a number of years. I find this unacceptable, and I cannot help but wonder why others do not. Either mediocrity and half-assery have become the socially acceptable norms (they have) and/or nobody uses the software enough to discover its shortcomings.

That being said, I realize that many of you are here to see the enhanced version of my portrait of Tali Clavijo, vegan nudist, spiritual guru, and one of the top nine home cooks in America (Gordon Ramsay is the inarguable authority on all things culinary, after all.) His perseverance, innovative flair, and fashion sense are without reproach, and his affinity for flavored foam is rivaled only by his love of cannabis. It is with great honor that I may provide this to you.

Tali Clavijo enhanced

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Special thanks to Tali Clavijo for being an inspiration to us all.