Game Review Haiku

by Nox

on 10.13.13

With the recent realization that I am, indeed, a game-designer, I've ramped-up the number of games that I play in a deliberate attempt to hone my design skills. The following haiku are designed to capture my feelings about these games in a concise and easily referencable way.


What is a story?
Rochard doesn't seem to know. 
I can't get past it.
2.5 / 5


Stark simplicity
Delivered with precision
Take note of Osmos
3.4 / 5


A taste of it all
With no balance to speak of
Capsized is quite raw
2.75 / 5


Oh my God, Dustforce
What you lack in cohesion
Is almost too much
3 / 5

World of Goo

Pontifex meets Goo
Well designed, and mostly new
A challenge, fair too
3.75 / 5


Kill things, collect shards
Irrelevant narrator
What was he saying?
3 / 5
— Submitted by Lux